Best Tablets for Toddlers – 2020 Complete Review

A tablet these days have a lot to offer. Though many people think that a toddler is too small to use a tablet, you can use it as a great educational tool. In addition to that, with access to movies and games, a tablet today is a great source of entertainment for your toddler.

Comparison of the Best Tablets For Toddlers

Check the table below for a quick look for the best tablets for toddlers:




nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet

Best Overall

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus


Review of the Best Tablets For Toddlers

Let's take a look at this year's top picks.


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Excellent Quality
  • Storage


  • Screen Size

The nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet is made for toddlers. This makes it perfect for your toddler. It has admirable quality. It will be used by a toddler and would potentially be dropped a lot, the nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet has a plastic back which is robust and sturdy. It has rubber bumpers which are firm and dense. This helps keep the tablet safe. It makes the nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet compact and safe from breakage.

The nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet is an excellent buy since it is compact, versatile, durable and sturdy and has a great battery life. It is inexpensive and is light.


Excellent Battery Life

This is one of the best things about this tablet as you don’t have to keep recharging it and get some quality time to relax when your toddler is on the tablet.

Excellent Quality​

The quality of the tablet is exceptional with a lot of emphases given to the sturdiness of the tablet.


It comes with a 4GB and 8GB version. I would recommend an 8GB version as you can then download educational apps and entertainment ones.


Screen Size


  • Features
  • Easy Navigation
  • Good viewing experience


  • Screen

If you are looking for a tablet for your toddler and you don’t want one which is expensive and yet powers with all the great features that most good, high-end tablets for toddlers have, then the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus is a tablet which you should consider.

The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus combines a low price with a variety of features which will make both your toddler and you happy. It has a lot of functions for its price.

In terms of value for money, this is one of the best tablets available. You get a host of functions and features in the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus which you would normally get in a higher end tablet. The easy navigation and the right viewing experience helps your toddler get comfortable and acquainted with the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus much faster than normal.



The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus has an amazing user experience. For a toddler whose attention gets diverted fast, this is critical. The controls are simple, and the interface is good to look at and easy to understand.

Easy Navigation​

The navigation on the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus is simple, and a toddler can go from one function or app on the tablet to another without any delay.

Good Viewing Experience

There is no freezing or lagging when you are running apps or games on the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus. This makes it a good experience for a toddler.



Though the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus offers an HD display, the screen size is smaller than most tablets for toddlers in the market. For its price, it is an excellent deal but looking at the little screen for an extended period of time may hurt your toddler’s eyes.


  • Very Light
  • Fast Load Times
  • Google Play Store Preload
  • Storage of the Tablet Can Be Expanded to 32GB


  • Tablet Battery Life
  • No HDMI Port
  • Graphics

The Alldaymall, 7-inch tablet, is a good entry level tablet which is good for toddlers. It is low in price and is still good. Most low priced tablets freeze and hang up with constant use. The good thing about the Alldaymall 7″ Tablets for Kids is that it doesn’t. It is made for children and is fast. You can work on it, and it will be as soon as your PC which is superb for an entry level tablet. It doesn’t freeze up even if you are playing data intense games. Another useful feature is that it has lights that can be adjustable so that you can increase or decrease it as per how you require.

The Alldaymall 7″ Tablets for Kids is a fantastic buy at its price. It is fast, doesn’t hang and has a high display. The battery is not great, and the graphics are low quality but overall is an excellent buy.


Very Light​

This is important when it comes to a tablet for toddlers as they can’t carry large tablets.

Fast Load Times

Toddlers are impatient and have a tendency of repeatedly clicking on the screen if the app doesn’t load quickly. This tablet is good since it loads very fast.

Google Play Store Preload

It has Google Play Store so you can download any game of your toddler’s choice.

Storage of the Tablet Can Be Expanded to 32GB

If you would like to download educational movies on the tablet, it is possible since it can be expanded to 32 GB.


Tablet Battery Life

The tablet’s battery life of this tablet is less, and you have to recharge it frequently especially when you keep the lights on high mode.

No HDMI Port

There is no HDMI port so you can’t connect it to your TV screen. Some movies and apps are just great on the big screen, but you can’t watch it on the big screen as you can’t connect the tablet to your TV.


The graphics are low in quality so the overall experience of playing games is less