Best Drones for Teenagers – 2019 Complete Review

Drones are the best new gifts you can give a teenager today. About five years ago a teenager would have loved to have an Xbox but today they prefer drones. A good thing about a drone is that it gets a teenager out of the house playing in the open and you can play along with your teenager. There is nothing like a game to connect you with your teenager.

We have reviewed for you the best and the most versatile drones available in the market that would be suited for a teenager.

If you are in a hurry then you can check our choice of the best drones for teenagers regarding performance, the X-Drone Nano 2.0 on You can also check our choice for the best drones for teenagers regarding value for money, the Haktoys HAK907 Quadcopter on

Check the table below for a quick look for the best drones for teenagers:

DroneBest FeaturesPrice (on Amazon)
X-Drone Nano 2.0Big sized remote control
Indoors and outdoor flying
Easy parts availability
Long Battery Life
From $18.99
Holy Stone Hs 170Easy to use
Beginner friendly
Great control response
Batteries that can be upgraded
Indoor flying
No FAA registration
From $29.99
Haktoys HAK907 QuadcopterGood Flight Time
Good range
Changing colors
From $69.95

We present to you, our drone review of the best drones for teenagers in 2018 below:

X-Drone Nano 2.0 Review


Best Drones Teenagers

X-Drone Nano 2.0 has brought about a complete change in the small drone industry. It has changed the market completely. It has many versatile and unique features that are well loved by everyone who uses the quadcopter.

The X-Drone Nano 2.0 is the lightest drone in the market given its size. It is small and powerful. It is versatile and since it has an open body you can make changes you like and improve your flying techniques. Your teenager will love it.


  1. Big sized remote control: Many drones have remote controls which are small in size to accommodate kids. This drone has a big remote control so it is easy for teenagers and adults to use it.
  2. Indoors and outdoor flying: Since the size of the X-Drone Nano 2.0 is small and it can be directed with precision, you can fly it indoors and outdoors.
  3. Easy parts availability: You can get parts of the X-Drone Nano 2.0 easily from the manufacturer.
  4. Long Battery Life: Changing batteries or constantly recharging them is a pain. You don’t need to do that for the X-Drone Nano 2.0 as it as a long battery life.


  1. Shorter Life: A few people have mentioned online that the life of the X-Drone Nano 2.0 is lower than expected.
  2. Plastic case: Since it as a plastic case, you could break it if the handing is hard on rough surfaces like asphalt or concrete.


Considering this is one of the best drones in the market with a great battery, super look, amazing features and a flight time of over 10 minutes, this is a great but for a teenager.

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Holy Stone Hs 170 Review


Best Drones Teenagers


If you want a drone for your teenager which is fun to fly and will really test his intellectual and flying skills then I would recommend the Holy Stone Hs170. It is one of the few drones in the market tat actually gives the decision making in your hands. You can use it as you want rather than let a computer fly it for you. If your teenager loves flying drones, he is going to love the Holy Stone Hs170.


  1. Easy to use: You just have to take it out of the box, put the batteries in, put on the propellers and start using it.
  2. Beginner friendly: Since it is easy to fly, it is an excellent drone for a beginner.
  3. Great control response: It responds well to the controls due to which you get the real feeling of flying a drone.
  4. Batteries that can be upgraded: If you want to have a longer flight time without spending time on recharging the batteries, you can upgrade them.
  5. Indoor flying: Since it is a small drone, you can fly it indoors.
  6. No FAA registration: The drone size is small so you don’t need FAA registration.


  1. Camera is not there: The Holy Stone Hs170 doesn’t have a camera due to which you can’t capture any photos while it is flying in the air.
  2. Delicate motor: The motor is delicate and can break on impact.
  3. Very poor life of the battery: The battery life is very poor and unless you upgrade the batteries you will have to constantly recharge


The Holy Stone Hs170 has great advantages as it is a really fast drone which you can play indoors and outdoors, it is great for a beginner and a pro and your teenager can really improve his skills playing it. The major problems are the lack of a camera and poor battery life. You can upgrade to a better battery.

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Haktoys HAK907 2.4GHz 4 Channel 17″ RC Quadcopter Review

The Haktoys HAK907 2.4GHz 4 Channel 17″ RC Quadcopter is the best drone for a teenager in terms of price. This drone can do anything and everything a normal drone can. It has a good flight time of over 9 minutes in one charge and can be flown from a range of up to 300+ feet. One of the best things of the Haktoys HAK907 2.4GHz 4 Channel 17″ RC Quadcopter is that it can keep changing lights which is really impressive and looks great flying especially at night.


  1. Good Flight Time: It can fly up to 9 minutes on just one recharge
  2. Good range: It has a range of over three hundred feet.
  3. Affordable: It is great value for its price.
  4. Changing colors: It can change colors as it flies so it stands out from other drones.


  1. Poor Battery Lid: The battery lid is weak and it can break easily
  2. Weak Motor: The motor is not very strong and could break on impact with a hard surface if it crashes or on hard landing.


The Haktoys HAK907 2.4GHz 4 Channel 17″ RC Quadcopter is an excellent drone which gives you high end features for a drone for a teenager at a price of a low end drone. Other than being careful playing with it so that the motor is not harmed, everything about this drone is great.

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I hope you liked our list of drones for teenagers. Please do comment below if you feel we have missed out on any drone and we will try to review it.