Best Drone Accessories – 6 Must See Top Picks [2020]

Looking to invest in drone accessories to improve the overall experience? Keep on reading to find out what you should gather right away!

FPV (First Person View) System

The FPV is possible to be connected to your drone camera in order to remote device it through the Wi-Fi connection and then you will be able to monitor all the activities on the LCD panel that is attached to that certain remote. You can also attach the camera output directly to a smart phone and you can stream the content in the real time. This feature is quite useful for the photographers who are enthusiastic about the Ariel photography since it helps them greatly in viewing all the shots in a clear manner and they get to make pre-adjustments easily. If you are thinking of improving the experience some more, you can even try out PV Goggles.

The Camera

While drones are entertaining units, you can also use them as spy cameras when a camera is attach on its top. This will help you record every single detail on the way plus the photographers can use it as a hidden camera and connect it to the smart phones with the FPV technology. It is true that most of the drones offer cameras with 1080p resolution while few eve more advanced ones also can be adjusted to a resolution of 4K level of resolutions. Plus, they might even offer the feature of reducing the resolution to 720p just for a limited amount of applications. You will have to note that when a camera is fixed on a drone, it increases the weight of the entire system so that it ends up plummeting the overall flight period.

Axis Gimbal

The Axis Gimbals are an extremely useful addition to the world of drones that come with cameras on top. The gimbals aids to make the camera footage stable even if the session is conducted during harsh weather conditions. Once you have your gimbals well installed with a camera on the drone, you can experience a shake free video streaming form the camera.


As the word itself defines, the batteries help the drones gain power to their tasks. The overall flight item of the drone technically depends on the lifespan of the battery and therefore it is considered one of the most essential accessories for a drone photographer.

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Landing Pad

While it is not that famous, most of the professional drone photographers love to include an additional landing pad to their drone accessors since it helps the landing of the drone much easier and smoother. It is an additional space between the ground and the drone that helps to keep it safe during landing.

Transmitter / Controller

If you wish to use your drone for professional type videography or even Ariel photography, then you must invest in a specially engineered trainmasters. When you are planning to switch the drone to the auto pilot or to manual, these will help you manage the flight much better. They also provide more control during the flights when you fly the drone in the air.