How to Teach Kids Photography With an iPhone

If your kid is curious about photography, or if you, as a parent, are interested in giving this point & shoot exercise some extra meaning, you need to guide your kid:  Teach them the basics, explain how the camera operates and provide feedback on their technique and photos. This will make a difference: your kids … Read more

Teaching Kids Photography – Operation Fish

Photography is great. It’s a marvelous combination of art and technology that we all enjoy and admire. The digital revolution, followed by the smartphones revolution, has taken it a few steps forward and made it extremely popular and accessible for all, including kids. Our kids. How many times did you give your kids your camera or … Read more

5 Great Photography Projects for Kids – 2020 Guide

Teaching your kid the art of photography is a process – it starts from explaining the basics of photography, followed up by some basic training on how to use the camera, and continues to actually practice it as much as possible. As you already know, any teaching which doesn’t involve a practice session will be … Read more