Basic Photography Terms for Beginners (Explained)

What is a camera?How does it work?What is a shutter? A tripod? Zoom?The photography and camera world is based on a rich combination of art, science and technology. If your kid is at the beginning of their photography journey and would like to know more, or if you are making your first steps in this … Read more

4 Great Kids Camera Apps – 2020 Review

Apps are everywhere. How could we leave without them? Seems impossible, right? There are millions of Apps in the market, including photography apps. Some of these apps are either designed for kids or can be easily used by them. The purpose of this post is to recommend on the very few ones we like using, and … Read more

Photography for Kids – How to Teach Digital Photography Basics

No matter how old your kid is, or if they have a toy, digital or polaroid camera, teaching them the basics of photography and providing them with guidance and feedback can turn them from a “multi-photo taker” into a beginner level photographer. You can always let them play with a camera – take as many pictures … Read more

5 Great Photography Projects for Kids – 2020 Guide

Teaching your kid the art of photography is a process – it starts from explaining the basics of photography, followed up by some basic training on how to use the camera, and continues to actually practice it as much as possible. As you already know, any teaching which doesn’t involve a practice session will be … Read more